How Do I Extend My Wifi Range- 5 Tricks That Work

Right now, work from home is a real thing, as most businesses have embraced it for the long haul. Even if your company has reopened, you can expect to get back to remote work whenever the virus resurged. Having reliable WiFi at home is not a choice because it helps you stay connected and work seamlessly. You cannot manage without one in your office space too. However, WiFi signals often get tricky because the range can drop in certain areas, or the speed may be compromised. Thankfully, you can manage things better with small measures to extend the range and make the signal stronger.

Choose the router location wisely

The simplest way to get a good range is by choosing the router location wisely. A centralized location of the router is ideal as it allows the signal to extend to every square inch of the place equally. You may have to compromise on aesthetics, but it is worthwhile. Ensure that there aren’t any metal objects around as they can disrupt a WiFi signal. Also, keep the router away from appliances that emit electromagnetic waves.

Ensure that the router is updated

While the position of the router matters, you also have to make sure that it is always updated. The growing prevalence of malware attacks makes it essential as it can infect your router. Once infected, it can compromise bandwidth and spread itself to other devices across the network. Moreover, the routers running on old firmware aren’t as good as the updated ones, even without malware.

Use the right equipment

Extending the WiFi range also requires the right equipment, whether you operate it at home or commercial environment. You can explore the best Voice and data technology solutions to find the equipment you can rely on. When it comes to Access Points, Grandstream and Fanvil are the best options. Apart from the quality, the number of access points matters too. You will need multiple APs for larger spaces where hundreds of devices may be connected to your network.

Configure the equipment properly

Using top-notch equipment is only half the work done. You also have to pay attention to its configuration so that it can work most efficiently in the environment. Ideally, you should avoid the 2.4 GHz range because it is congested, so stick to 5 GHz exclusively. Even as the 2.4 GHz band can penetrate better through walls, it cannot support higher speeds. So make sure that you disable SSIDs from broadcasting on it.

Limit bandwidth-hungry applications 

Another effective measure to boost the WiFi range at your home or office is to limit the running of bandwidth-hungry applications. Such applications can compromise download and upload speeds for everyone on the WiFi network, even if a single user runs them. It makes sense to use QoS (Quality of Service) that allows users to prioritize specific applications over others.

These measures can make a significant difference for users finding problems with WiFi range and speed. If you apply these tips and still struggle, you should consider a better internet plan or contact your provider to find a resolution for the issue.