Top 10 apps you must have in your apple phones

With so much speculation going all over the Apple iPhone fiasco, you should know about the trending apps that are a must-have for your iPhone. Apps have been making our lives easier since the very invention of smartphones.

There are so many apps on the App Store that it has become a bit difficult to know which ones are the best, and also the ones that provide the most feasibility. Now it is quite clear that no matter which iPhone you have, without any apps, it wouldn’t give you a great experience. You need to have the top-notch apps that would add up to the great iPhone user experience and also helps you in getting things done. Have a look at the list of the top apps that we have compiled for you.


An app that everyone should have in their iPhones to check on the daily emails. Having a work email account doesn’t mean that you have to forget your personal email. By installing the Gmail app on the phone you will be able to have a quick look at all your personal emails and documents. It is free and fast that it doesn’t even take five seconds for you to send an email.

Facebook Messenger:

A great messaging app where you don’t need to register your phone number and the best part is that it works on almost every platform. The Messenger app is free with some amazing features like audio and video calling, stickers, picture sharing, and much more. The users also have the option to play games with their contacts through the app.


A great way to keep up with your work messages and a check on your calendar. The outlook app easily allows you to integrate your work calendar with your phone calendar so that you can see daily reminders of your schedule easily. Moreover, sending and receiving emails on your phone becomes a lot hassle-free with outlook.


It is one of the best communication tools for your Apple phone that is free. You can make hundreds of calls through your skype whether it be video or audio call, it doesn’t cost a penny. The app enables users to call any mobile or landline number.


CNET is a free iPhone app where you don’t just get to read the latest happenings, but you can also get reviews of the latest technology and gadgets. The app provides its users with a broad portfolio of news from all around the world.

Chegg Books:

Every college student in the world can relate to their bank accounts getting empty by purchasing books and notes from various places. Chegg books allow you to rent or sell books. It’s a free app that doesn’t cost you a dollar to download.


No matter what age you are, Snapchat is certainly a fun app. You can add your friends and family members on the app and be able to exchange snaps with them that are filled with great filters and gifs. It’s a free and private messaging app.


An instant messaging app that allows its users to audio or video calls anywhere in the world, and that too all for free. The app gets paired with your contact number where you can contact your friends and family members through the app.


Wikipedia is a free app and provides for a great share of information about various things. If you are curious about something then you can easily search it on the app and within seconds, you will get your desired result.


Netflix has changed the streaming game for users all around the world, and it is the reason why you should have this app on your iPhone. The Netflix app allows users to watch and search for various movies and shows from all around. You can watch your favorite series or movie on the app without any interruption.

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