3 Great Games for PC to Play with Your friend

From the very moment that the gaming industry became a mass phenomenon, developers knew the demand for multiplayer games. This is not surprising because any entertainment will be much more interesting if you share it with your friends and loved ones. The main platforms for such projects have always been consoles (the mere presence of several joysticks and the ability to connect a console to a TV meant playing in the company of people), but you can easily find many worthy titles for personal computers as well. Below we will present three games that have cooperative or competitive modes for two people.

Resident Evil 5-6

The first installations of this franchise were purebred survival horrors, but by the fourth, developers had shifted their focus to peppier gameplay, which contained a fair amount of action. In the fifth and sixth games, a full-fledged cooperative has already been delivered, allowing players to go through a long story campaign side by side. You can also try the survival mode, where you need to fight back constantly arriving hordes of zombies for as long as possible, or the competitive mode.

It is especially pleasing that the co-operative mode here is by no means simple (not a simple shooting gallery, where they just add a second character to the game) – the gameplay is completely based on interaction. Players coordinate their actions, exchange scarce ammunition and first-aid kits, overcome obstacles by cooperating. Battles with many bosses are also built around well-coordinated teamwork, only thanks to which you can figure out the weak spot of a huge monster and strike them there. If you don’t have anyone to play this game with, then be sure to check out the following website to meet a single girl online.

Trine Series

This is a trilogy of platformers about the adventures of a thief, wizard, and knight, which, despite its small budget, has gained immense popularity among players. Among the main advantages, it is worth highlighting colorful graphics with pleasant fairy tale drawings, funny dialogs between characters, and variability in the gameplay. The latter deserves special attention – any in-game puzzle or obstacle has up to five different ways to overcome it. You can invent your own ways, either by playing alone, by switching between one of the three characters, or in a co-op with one or two friends.

Just imagine the possibilities of gameplay. The wizard can materialize small objects he has drawn in space and make them levitate. The warrior skillfully strikes his sword and covers himself with a shield that simultaneously serves as a parachute (yes, there is not much logic here) and reflects sunlight. The thief specializes in archery and also easily overcomes obstacles by clinging to the walls and ceiling with a rope.

Orcs Must Die 2

This is the sequel to   the popular indie game, in which they finally added the full-fledged cooperative for two people. Like last time, we have to defend the portal to the human world from crowds of greenskins and all kinds of evil spirits – crawling, running, and flying our way. The horde stomps along the beaten paths to the target, bumping into well-placed traps by the players and at the same time tries to kill the protagonist and his new partner. With each level, complexity increases, new opponents that need their own unique approach appear every time.

 In general, there is enough content for several dozens of hours – and if you also set yourself the goal of completing the game at maximum difficulty without missing anything, then there is enough content for around a hundred hours of fun.

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