Web Development

Web development or web programming is the creation of website dynamically, in old days it only has the static functionality, but with the passage of time and with technology it changes its form and nowadays a website is to develop not only for the laptop or desktop but also create for mobile phones where a dynamic functionality come in handy. There so many examples of websites with different functionally like fo social media Facebook on top of the list, for e-commerce amazon Newegg,eBay always clicks the mind, for videos youtube is the number one platform. There are so many web developers available in the market compared to others because it’s rather easy compared to other programming development.


There are two dimensions of web development one is the front end and the second is backend development.

The front end is also called client-side development because of its functionality like a user open a site, they see the visual of a site like its color, text, logo, etc it all about visuals it a front end.

The second thins is back-ended development also called server-side development. It a method of design a website so that they process the request that runs on the server and gets back to the users upon their request. Users have no idea about it they only care about getting a response in as fast as possible.

Front end scripting

Front end development is all about the user, what users want to see when a website loads, like logo, design, content and how it interacts with the user and how users interact with it.HTML, CSS and javascript are come handy when it is about the front end scripting.


HTML or HyperText Markup Language is used to create a front end design with static functionality or maybe dynamically. On the internet, every page is written in HTML. It is the main language of every website development in front end manners


CSS is a very well known language for the appearance of a website. Every website on the internet has the CSS form styling.


Javascript is used to add functionality and interactivity in web pages.

Server-side development is used to control what is going on behind a web page. Like how a request is generated and goes to the client-side to the front end, it all handles by the backend functionality.

Backend scripts can be written in many languages and rather difficult to the front end, it uses

  • PHP
  • net
  • PERL
  • Python
  • JS
  • JAVA

Why is web development is so important?

Beolorin is the one that rapidly growing around the earth, everyone who has a business or having a wants a website for getting more attention on the digital world, due to its rapidly growing availability and reach. Many of us know the life of today is very much different compared to the early 10 years or 5 years. Nowadays many of us have not much time to go out shopping.  Our lives depend on computers now and what we see on the computer screen or mobile screen has an impact on our mind and we make a decision upon that. Many of the advantages we have on them do not have any website.


With a website, users or customers can easily reach our website and have a look at our services or products. They would appreciate having us a website because they’re convinced. If you gave the services mention all on your website so users can easily see what you have for your clients.

Accessibility and availability:

If you having a physical store with very good manners you might be catching the customer on the day or might be some night, but you have to close the store on some point and might be a greater chance of losing the customers. Having a website never goes out of business and decrease the chance of losing customers.


With an online store or a website, what will be your targeted area? Of course, you can target the whole block, city, country, or even the world. You have unlimited advantages to having a website. How you can gain them it’s totally up to you.

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