Finding Small Business Tech Solutions

Mariah got her first order for her online business. She was so excited, but when she took the box to the post office she was surprised at how much it cost to ship. At this rate, she was practically paying the customer to take her product. She needed a better shipping solution. Don’t be like Mariah. When you start a small business, make sure to do research on technology solutions before it’s an emergency. You’ll be able to find the best products for you, at the best price. Begin by considering your technology needs.

Your business needs its own phone line. Avoid using your personal phone for business. Setting up a VoIP line using your existing high-speed internet will save you money and keep you looking professional. Your VoIP appears as your business number but can be forwarded to your mobile phone.

You also need to plan your website. Creating a website these days doesn’t take a lot of programming skills, but sites that help you design your page, like GoDaddy, can charge a monthly fee or an up front cost for using their designs, designs that many other people are using too. Hiring a web designer may take longer to get up and running, but you will end up with one-of-a-kind results, and for a fee they can troubleshoot your site as needed. If those options aren’t for you, try selling handmade or resale goods from a central platform like Etsy. It will take care of shipping, invoicing and taxes with a little input from you on setup. Sites like these however sacrifice individuality and take a portion of each sale in return. Each option has advantages, depending on your budget, timeline, and tech acumen.

Accounting, payroll, legal documents all have systems available to help your business. Set aside time to deal with the details and then you can focus on the business you love.