Maintain your Transformer and Substation with these tricks

Does your transformer encounter several failures every year? If yes, then this write-up is going to help you!

What is the transformer?

A transformer is the most essential and highly-priced equipment within a substation. The primary reason why your transformer is collapsing could be the poor and underprivileged maintenance schedules. Just like your other pieces of apparatus, your transformer and substation need maintenance in every respect to work in a structured and well-planned manner.

Regular Service is a requisite

To get a smooth performance from the transformer, a regular service is needed. Low maintenance increases the chances of getting your transformer an emergency service and ultimately decreases its life. Although there are some basic approaches by which you can extend the life of your transformer and the substation. Precise awareness of the best practices for maintaining the equipment can expand its efficiency.

Regular cleaning and painting ensure that no mechanical failure takes place in the transformer. The crumbled paint risks serious corrosion leading to complete transformer failure. The cooling radiators are made up of 1mm thick steel which cannot get through the harsh outcomes of corrosion. Proper cleaning and a painting program are suggested by experts at to reduce the transformer damage. According to the qualified transformer painters, controlling corrosive effects increases the reliability and security of power networks.

The coating has numerous performance benefits including a battle against moisture, UV radiation, and chemicals, as well as scratch and abrasion resistance that matches the international specifications. Besides that, it is also environmentally friendly, producing no VOC or fumes, making it easy for storage as compared to other conventional coatings.

Purpose of painting the transformer and the substation

  • To protect the metal surface of the transformer from corrosion: The thick paint coating slows down the spreading of the water and oxygen from the environment to the metal portions of the transformer. Finally, leading to the passive movement of the corrosion process.
  • To protect the substation blend from the surroundings: A defensive layer of the paint over the gray areas acts as a barrier between the leftover zinc and the surrounding environment. The barrier lowers down the rate at which the zinc is sacrificed conclusively allowing it to protect the steel substrate for a prolonged period.
  • To improve the appearance of the apparatus: Besides protecting the transformer and the substation from severe corrosion, paint upgrades the appearance of the apparatus. The complete enhancement of the apparatus improves the flow properties and makes it look better.
  • To maintain the effectiveness of transformer radiators: The paint program improves the efficiency of the transformer radiators far more than the unpainted surface. The flow coat painting is a befitting option to paint your transformer radiators, maintaining a uniform surface.

Now that you know how regular maintenance can make your transformer and substation work in the long run. Hiring a professional transformer painter is a smart choice you can make. Qualified professionals confirm that no patch is left in your exterior paint, making the apparatus work without any fail.