5 Ways to Protect Your Business’ Digital Presence

As the global marketplace becomes increasingly reliant on digital resources, cybercrime has become a major area of concern. In each of the last five years, there have been more than 1,000 data breaches in the U.S. alone.

These breaches have had a significant impact on millions of individuals. They have also ruined the reputation of hundreds of businesses. In light of these trends, you must protect your company’s digital presence. By doing so, you can preserve your brand reputation and protect your valued customers.

This article will provide you with five proven tactics that you can implement right away to secure your presence. Cumulatively, these strategies will eliminate key vulnerabilities that cybercriminals aim to exploit.

5 Ways to Protect Your Business Digital Presence

1. Require Employees to Use Complex Passwords

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) creates a comprehensive internet crime report each year. In their 2020 report, IC3 addressed several key areas of concern that businesses should be aware of.

One such topic is business e-mail compromise (BEC). BEC occurs when fraudsters compromise a legitimate business e-mail account using computer intrusion or social engineering. While there are several ways to guard against BEC, one of the simplest and most effective is to require your staff to use complex passwords.

You should encourage your team to avoid using common knowledge information, such as their hometown or college alma mater. In addition, we recommend requiring that they change their passwords at regular intervals, such as every 90 or 180 days.

2. Educate Staff on the Dangers of Data Breaches

Unfortunately, staff members are one of the most glaring weaknesses that can compromise your company’s digital presence. That is why educating your staff on the dangers of data breaches is vital.

When creating a training program, make sure to address the basic types of malware and typical social engineering scams. You should also ensure that your staff members know how to identify phishing schemes, as this tactic is a favorite among hackers.

3. Deploy Comprehensive Data Protection Software

If you are serious about protecting your business digital presence, you must invest in quality data protection software. There are several tools that you can deploy to eliminate vulnerabilities and guard against a cyberattack. Examples include data backup solutions, a secure virtual private network and password management software.

While you can purchase these technologies individually, integrated plans such as Norton 360 offer much better value for your organization. An integrated strategy will include a variety of solutions, such as those outlined above.

4. Closely Regulate Administrators

Certain members of your organization must have administrator-level access to carry out their job responsibilities. However, it is vital that you closely regulate how many administrators you have.

Each administrator is a prime target for cybercriminals. An excessive number of administrator-level users creates additional vulnerabilities that may leave your digital presence exposed.

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5. Beware of Fake Accounts

Occasionally, you or someone from your IT department should conduct a Google search of your business to ensure that no fictional accounts are masquerading as you. Hackers sometimes create fake websites that are designed to impersonate legitimate businesses. They use these sites to collect consumer data, which they then exploit for financial gain.

These five tactics can help you preserve your company’s digital presence and protect your most important resource your customers.