4 Must-Have Virtual Services for Business

Running a business is an all-encompassing endeavor. It can leave you handling jobs and tasks for which you do not have specific training, leading to a loss of time and unnecessary frustration. When you cannot do it all, you have to hire others to do the work for you. One great solution is to hire virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants work remotely and are not employees, which means less overhead costs. They assist with beneficial services to help make your day a lot less hectic. They can help with customer and email management, content creation, bookkeeping, and scheduling, which all require time and organizational skills. Regardless of know-how, these aspects of running a business are time-consuming and can rob time away from the projects that command your specific and creative skillset. Here are four must-have virtual services that can give you back valuable time and can help grow your business.

Hire a Readily Available Receptionist

A typical in-house receptionist works the same hours you do or less. However, customers call at all hours, especially if they are calling from different time zones. A live virtual receptionist can answer your phone whenever a customer calls, regardless of the time of day, 24/7. A live virtual service can guarantee that there will always be a human available to engage and provide personalized attention to your customers.

Customers typically get annoyed or will call a competitor if they cannot get ahold of you or a company representative. Having a virtual receptionist will ensure that your customers get a chance to talk to someone until you or others on the team are available.

Appoint a Savvy Bookkeeper

Accounting is a specialized task, and many cringe at the thought of creating invoices, organizing revenue streams, and sifting through expense receipts. Therefore, hiring a talented numbers guru can help take the stress out of keeping your books straight.

A virtual bookkeeper can also run reports and show you where you can save money. An expense analysis is beneficial for all businesses, and hiring skilled talent to keep an eye on your revenue sources and expenses can put more money into your pocket.

Obtain an Organized Email Assistant

Returning emails can be cumbersome, tedious, and a time destroyer. Running a business means you are managing communications from all aspects of the company. Attending to everyone vying for your time can feel like an impossible task. An email assistant can sort, categorize, respond to non-pressing issues, respond on your behalf, and flag emails that require your attention. Outsourcing this lexically heavy undertaking can free up hours of your day to do projects that make money.

Enlist a Content Media Guru

Unless you understand the intricate and often complex digital marketing world, it behooves you to hire someone who does. A virtual digital marketer creates good content with a sensible linguistic aptitude and possesses the know-how to reach your customer base. They can manage your social media and post regular content that supports your brand and vision. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, a social media master can learn your brand and broadcast it out to the world routinely and frequently.

A virtual content professional can publish regular blog posts to keep your customers engaged. They can highlight your products, services, philanthropic efforts, and general business philosophy. They know how to capture leads and turn them into loyal customers. No matter what size your business is, whether you are a sole-proprietor or a large company, it is a smart choice to outsource your content to an expert.

You most likely launched your business to offer a stellar product or a skilled service. It is impossible to run all aspects of the company by yourself and do it well. Hiring employees, although necessary for expanding business, increases overhead and payroll costs. Also, your employees are most likely bound by daytime operating hours. Therefore, it makes good business sense to outsource tasks that can save you money and build your business simultaneously. Virtual assistants work remotely from anywhere and have a specific and highly coveted skillset. Assistants charge by the hour, which gives you control over how much or how little you want them to work based on your budget. This flexibility puts you in charge, and it is easier on the budget, which is attractive for all businesses.