Factors to write unique content to rank on SERP

If you are thinking about ranking your website on the top of SERPs, you have landed on the most informative page. In this post, you would examine the different factors you have to focus on to write unique content. We are focusing on content writing because the biggest ranking factor considering which Google ranks your website is the quality of the content published on it.

Without content, your website is incomplete and has no worth, so we will suggest all of you read this post if you want to get details of the important features of unique and friendly content.

Focus on setting a unique and interesting title!

The title is the most important part of your content. Without an interesting title, you cannot engage the audience with your content, no matter how professionally researched. Adding a unique and attractive title for your content is not an easy job, so you can also benefit from the digital title generator tools. The title works as a logo to your content, so always make sure that you focus on it.

Make keyword research!

If you want your content to be ranked on the top SERPs, you must have tons of organic traffic pouring onto it. This can only happen if you focus on stuffing proper keywords in the content. Keywords are the words and phrases used by the traffic on the web to find answers to certain queries.

You can cash these words in your content and can move the traffic to your pages. Keywords should be relevant to the niche you are writing on and should have a density of 2% in the total content. You can use the digital keyword suggestion tools for shortlisting the perfect keywords for your site!

Focus on the structure of the content!

Content structure is more important than research and freshness. If you want your content to share a good position on the result pages, then you must put it in a proper format/structure. The content structure should be clear and should speak out to the audience. If you do not know how to arrange your content, then you must follow the simple tips mentioned below:

  • Keep your sentences short and concise.
  • Your paras should not be more than four to five lines.
  • You should always add attractive headings stuffed with keywords.
  • Subheadings can also be added to the content.
  • Bullet points and lists would summarize your content.

Improve readability!

Your content should be of perfect quality. The audience often rejects content that has grammatical, punctuational, and structural issues. If you want the readers to be engaged with your content and enjoy it, then you must make sure that you check it for quality issues. Grammarly is the right tool that can help you to check readability issues.

Always check plagiarism!

Plagiarism checking is especially important if you want to ensure that your content is unique. Unique content would be ranked on the top of SERPs, and there should be no doubt about it. To check plagiarism in your content, you can always take help from online plagiarism checker tools. The plagiarism checker tool by prepostseo and Quetext are well-reputed names in this game of checking plagiarism.

These plagiarism checkers can provide you with the basic screening services for free, but if you want to enjoy a high level and unlimited content checking, you must hook with the paid plans. This plagiarism checker is extremely easy to use, and so you should try it religiously.

Adding images to your content!

Today users are more invested in media-rich content, and therefore you should focus on this aspect. The amount of traffic on your website interface shows your credibility to the search engine, and if you want to rank yourself on the top pages, you must add relevant images to the content. You can use the modern reverse image search facilities to search the images that would complement your textual content. If you want to get royalty-free images, you must pick the right image search tool like Tin eye.

Mobile friendly!

While we are about the factors that would increase your ranking position, we would like you to know that mobile-friendliness is the leading factor. You must optimize your website content in such a way that it displays perfectly fine on mobile screens. This factor is getting more and more important because the ratio of mobile users is increasing every turning day.

According to recent statistics by Google, more than 70% of the total web traffic comes from smartphone users. If you want to see your content on the top pages, you must make sure that you target them.

Spend some time on research before writing!

While you are creating unique content, you must ensure that you are spending a decent amount of time on research. You cannot develop new ideas in every content, and you must use the old ones again and again. So, if you want to write unique content, we would urge you to go through multiple topics multiple times to get a basic understanding of the content. After understanding the main idea, you can easily help yourself in writing it in your own words.

Keep updating your content!

When you are writing content for your blog or your website, you must know that your goal should be the audience’s satisfaction. You should not run for creating new content if you are receiving good traffic on your old posts. You can easily update the old content by using paraphrasing techniques and can engage your audience with the old posts. This is an especially important tip for optimizing content and the website for a better ranking position.


If you want to write unique content for a better ranking position, you must be creative. You have to keep the content simple and engaging. Variety is what you have to provide if you want to stay in the limelight. Some common unique content creation ideas are:

  • Visiting competitor websites.
  • Product reviews.
  • Covering recent reviews.
  • Conducting interviews.
  • Google search suggestions and trends!

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