Top 10 Hamachi Alternatives [2021 Updated]

Hamachi Alternatives: LogMeIn Hamachi is a renowned Virtual Private Network (VPN) app with the facility to establish direct links between computers behind the network address translation firewalls devoid of reconfiguration requirements. Hamachi emulates the LAN connection using the internet and lets the computer think that it is connected to other computers via LAN.

There are some problems with Hamachi. For example, driver related issues dissatisfy users of this app. This app does not include any feature apart from the virtual LAN. You can seek the hamachi alternatives online and make a good decision to use a suitable app for your next LAN multiplayer entertainment.

List of Top 10 Best Hamachi Alternatives 2020

Are you looking for the perfect alternative site of Hamachi for playing Virtual LAN games? Well, you are in the right place; here we have listed the top 10 sites which can be a perfect alternative to Hamachi to play Virtual LAN games.

1. Evolve



Everyone with an interest to get more than simple virtual LAN for their gaming can prefer and use the Evolve hereafter. This is because Evolve is rich in extraordinary features and a good alternative for Hamachi. This app has inbuilt LAN support for any renowned LAN game. This app supports different features like party mode as well as matchmaking. An interactive user-interface of this app makes every user satisfied. This app supports live game streaming and realizes users’ desires about enjoyable leisure.

2. FreeLAN

FreeLAN is a free alternative to Hamachi. This VPN creator is popular because any one of the easiest VPN clients can form the user’s own private network. This open-source app can be customized as per the overall requirements of its users. This app has almost no lag while playing games. This app provides the maximum speed as expected by its users. However, you must follow the helpful guides about how to set up this app and manually edit the config guides. You will make an informed decision and realize expectations about the enjoyable leisure.

3. GameRanger

GameRanger is a popular virtual LAN gaming client and recommended mostly for its secure nature. Users of this app do not worry about connection lags or interruptions. This software uses its own clients while other virtual LAN gaming software uses drivers for emulating the LAN connection. Thus, pings are low in this system at all times.

4. NeoRouter

NeoRouter lets users create and keep a look at both private and public servers as long as they use the Internet. This software provides the maximum security features and gets renowned by its facility to unblock websites for its users. This software supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and other popular operating systems. You can download it from the app store or Play store as per your mobile device. Users of this software take advantage of the secure connection while playing their favorite games with their beloved friends or family members.

5. NetOverNet

NetOverNet is a basic client for simulating the virtual LAN. This VPN emulator has a simple user interface and ever-increasing popularity for its ability to connect several PCs and give every computer with its own login details. As a gamer with an interest to take advantage of the first-class LAN emulator, you can prefer and use this app. You will be comfortable and happy to access other computers associated with the network and share data as well as other things.


The P2PVPN carries out the task of creating a VPN. However, it was developed by a single developer as a project. Basic features and the simple user interface to support all beginners to the hamachi alternative at this time. You can prefer and use this free app to understand the basics of using the VPN and enhancing gaming.

7. Radmin VPN

Radmin VPN is another alternative to the Hamachi. This app does not limit the total number of users on its connection at any time. It has a high speed and satisfied users who do not experience high ping issues so far. This app provides speed up to 100MBPS. The secure VPN tunnel offered by this app makes its users happier than ever. An easy way to set up and use this user-friendly app encourages all users to recommend it to others.

8. SoftEther

SoftEther is powerful VPN software and designed to support almost every operating system. This app has a simple user interface and loads of features associated with privacy. This software implements the SSL-VPN tunneling on the HTTPS and also passes via firewalls. This app provides AES 256-bit and RSA 4096 bit encryptions for any privacy requirement of its users. You can spend enough time to enhance your proficiency in how to use the overall features of this app and make it your favorite alternative to Hamachi.

9. Wippien

As the light application to emulate the LAN connection, Wippien gets ever-increasing recognition and happy users worldwide. Wippien is the right choice when you search for a hamachi alternative online at this time. This app connects the personal computers with the P2P association. The open-source code of this app makes it a free alternative for the app Hamachi. Users of this app can make their own clients for their personal requirements and get an array of benefits.   

10. ZeroTier

ZeroTier has its own Android and iOS mobile apps. This software supports all operating systems. This software not only provides virtual private network services but also offers the SDN. A huge community of the ZeroTier supports all beginners to set up the LAN party without complexity and delay. This system offers low ping. Though ZeroTier is a VPN client, this app supports its users to be smart in their way to set up the virtual LAN parties.


Individuals with a desire to find and use the right hamachi alternatives must research every app in this category in detail. You can understand your requirements for using the alternative to Hamachi before exploring all options. You have to read honest reviews of Hamachi alternatives and narrow down these apps based on important factors like user-friendliness, security, regular updates, and customer support.

It will save money and time when you properly use the virtual private network for establishing direct connections between your computers behind the network address translation. If you found any site missing on our list, do comment us below. After checking we will update.

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