Hidden Instagram Hacks You Need To Now

Whether you are using the social media platform personally for a bit of fun or professionally for your business. It is important to know all of the different functions, features, and hidden Instagram hacks that you can produce fun and engaging content that will work to increase your following. If you are seriously interested in increasing your following on Instagram, then visit SocialMeep.com, as they can help widen your audience via the use of their automation tool and organic growth service.

Filter Strength

One helpful feature that is little known is the ability to change the strength of any of the filters that are available to you on the app. This lets you create a more subtle effect should you wish to. The option to do this is only available once you have selected the filter that you want to use on your post. This is one of the hidden Instagram hacks you might be not aware of.

Post Alerts

If you have a favorite influencer or brand that you follow on Instagram that you do not want to miss, then you are able to set a notification for precisely this. You will get a notification whenever that account posts some new content. This feature is only available for those accounts that you already follow.

Search & Explore

In addition to just viewing the content of the accounts that you are following, you are also able to Instagram look at the content posted by other accounts from all across the world. You can access it by pressing on the spyglass icon at the bottom of the app. You can either browse through the photos and videos on there or you can use the search box at the top in order to find something more specific.

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Save Posts

If there is a particular piece of content that you like and want to be able to easily go back to it at any time, you are able to do this by pressing and holding the save icon. This is directly underneath and to the right of the post. You are able to either add it to a collection that you already have or create a new one for it. Whenever you want to view all of your saved posts, simply press the three lines on the top right of your profile and press ‘Saved’.

Instant Messaging

A good way of sharing content with your followers privately, the instant messaging feature works just like any other similar messaging service. You can add multiple of your followers into a single message in order to create a group chat.

Hide Stories

Before posting a story from your Instagram account, you have the option to add a greater level of privacy by hiding the content from any of the accounts that follow you. This means that they only will not be able to see your story. All of your other followers (who have not been blocked) will be able to see it.