10 Quick Tips & Tricks for Newbies on Twitter

Twitter has been around for over a decade now, attracting fans worldwide. It has evolved into a tool used for more than fun. Businesses are also tapping into the app for support and interacting with consumers. So, did you just join other tweeps on Twitter and looking to grow your profile?  Well, in this article, we have quick tips for newbies on Twitter that will make you turn you into a pro!

Make your bio professional

Let us begin with revamping the profile you are putting out there. Your bio creates the first impression of you to anyone who opens your account and determines if they will follow you on Twitter or not. Thus, you need to make your Twitter bio enticing within the 160-character limit. Highlight what you do other than who you are and hint at what a follower expects from following you on Twitter. Remember, it is a social media platform; let your bio be fun! As you evolve as an individual or professional, update your bio.

Public or Private Profile?

Twitter is a public network that allows people to share a post and interact with one another. By default, a Twitter profile is public, which means that anyone can see your profile and posts and interact with you. However, you can change your account to a private to restrict interaction with people who follow requests you have approved. It is all up to you to choose the profile you want; public or private. Of course, if you want to attract a large number of followers, you will have to go down the public route.

Respond to tweets

Responding to tweets is perfect tip for any newbies on Twitter to gain followers and create connections. If a user takes their ample time to retweet you, mention you, or favorite your post, then it will only be fair if you responded to that.

Observe other users

You can learn how to use Twitter by observing what other users are doing. Check the profiles of other users as well as their habits and behavior on Twitter. Don’t open an account and jump into tweeting; take time and learn from others.

Use hashtag

Using hashtags will help boost your presence on Twitter, engage in ongoing conversations, and create or find posts with a specific theme. Using hashtags will help you build more followers as anyone interested in the tag will view your content. Moreover, tweets with hashtags are more likely to get retweets than those with no tags.


Retweeting is similar to the sharing feature on Facebook. It involves sharing a post that you created or someone else created or shared. Retweeting a post often helps spread the information across Twitter. It can be done manually or automatically. Retweeting manually involves selecting the double arrow below a post. You then type in your comment and click on a retweet. The tweet will embed in your Twitter feed, and the one who created the post will receive a notification that you retweeted their post.

Moreover, you can automate retweeting by the use of auto- retweet tools. With the tools, you can set up auto-retweet to a specified list of users if they post a tweet with defined phrases or hashtags. You can also automate retweet if your followers send a tweet with defined phrases, hashtags, keywords, or emojis.

Learn to download videos from Twitter

Apart from the text tweets, GIFs, clips, and videos can also be shared on Twitter. You are perhaps wondering if you can download and share those clips offline. The answer is yes, you can with a few tricks up your sleeves. For instance, if you are using a Mac device, you can download video from Twitter using downloader sites. Upon download, the video will be saved in your Mac download folder. You can also download videos from Twitter to your iPhone through apps. In this case, you need to connect your iPhone to your laptop via a USB cable. You can find tools to convert the videos into your desired formats If you perhaps download Twitter videos into your device and you notice that format isn’t supported.

Post when your followers are most active

Your tweets will tend to be most visible if you post them when most of your followers are active. In most cases, this is the period when you receive the most feedback and interactions. You may have followers from different time zones, or some of your followers may miss out on the tweet due to the busy Twitter feed. It is, therefore, okay to post one tweet for more than one time. It increases the chances of engagement in your tweets.

Tweet with visual media

Tweets with visual media tend to be more appealing and entertaining and thus receive more engagement from Twitter users compared to texts. Boost your followers’ Twitter engagement by posting tweets with images, photos, videos, and GIFs. Moreover, use Twitter cards to make your content attractive. The Twitter cards will enable you to embed videos in your tweets and show Twitter images and your content’s thumbnail.

Learn to use @username

This is another essential aspect that most newbies on Twitter don’t know! If you start your tweet with @ then the username, for example, @john, this is considered a reply. The tweet will thus be visible to users who follow both you and the user you mention in your tweet. However, if @username comes in the middle or at the end of the tweet, the tweet will be visible to everyone. If you intended to direct your tweet to the whole audience, but you started you tweet with @username, some followers will miss out.

Wrap up

Twitter is an exciting social media platform to engage with virtual friends, catch up with what’s trending, and even do business. We hope that you will find the tips we have helped as you settle in on Twitter. Once you have learned your way around the tool, you can move into the advanced level to learn some tips and tricks that will turn you into a pro from newbies on Twitter.

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