How to Build a New Employee Onboarding Process for Your Company

How to Build a New Employee Onboarding Process

Onboarding is a term that HR people frequently use nowadays. Employee onboarding is beneficial to new employees. Thus, they must know what it is. Likewise, people in HR should fully understand the process.

What is onboarding?

Onboarding is a standard process for introducing newly hired employees to their roles in the company. It is a comprehensive process comprising the employee’s workstation setup, work and team process familiarization, and introduction to the relevant people in the department and the company. The HR designs the onboarding process so the new hires will have everything they need to attain maximum performance immediately.

A company’s HR department does not have to develop the process themselves. Instead, they can hire a professional company to design the employee onboarding process that will fit their requirements. They have the training and expertise to plan a method based on technology, analytics, and industry knowledge. Onboarding begins from the hiring process until the new hire settles in fully into their job.

Steps in building the employee onboarding process

The process involves several steps; thus, having professional help is better to ensure that it will be a comprehensive plan.

During the hiring process

A prospect’s first impressions about the company begin during the hiring process. Therefore, it is vital to have a clear job description with a complete list of responsibilities. You should also tell the candidates the structure of your firm’s hiring process and the approximate length of each stage. If the candidate is a good prospect, there should be constant communication. Further, ensure that they have your full attention during the interview.

During the salary offer phase

If possible, it is better to conduct a phone offer so you can communicate better, but make sure that you give the prospect a heads up so the candidate is available and ready when you call. Follow up the phone offer with a formal letter delivered to the candidate. Further, conduct the salary negotiation courteously and cordially.

One to two weeks before the new employee starts

While the new hire finishes the turnover with their current employer, prepare all the paperwork, such as employment contract, non-disclosure agreement, employee handbook, IRS forms, online account, tech tools, ID, business cards (optional), and onboarding form. You should also transfer the new hire’s information to the onboarding software or Human Resource Information System.

Before the first day

Ensure that everything the new employee needs, from desk to company information, forms to sign, welcome kit, and other relevant documents, are ready.

On the first day

An HR rep should be there to welcome the new hire and give an office tour. In addition, there should be a welcome meeting with the department manager and an orientation. Give the new hire time before conducting a formal HR onboarding meeting.

The employee boarding process continues for about three months to ensure that the new employee settles in and assimilates the company culture, mission, and vision. Conduct regular meetings to ensure that the employee understands what the company expects from them and vice versa.