How to Make Prepaid Mobile Phone Plans Work For You

Finding the best mobile phone plan for you is a difficult task. It is difficult in the sense that you first need to understand how carriers work and also navigate through the confusing advertising to figure out what is true and what is merely ad talk. Though advertisers are banned from making false claims in their advertisements, they can still make obscure promises that are designed to make you choose their products and services. When picking a mobile phone plan, you will notice that most of the advertising sounds similar, but in reality, there are subtle differences that can make a huge difference in your cost spending.

There are several things you should consider before choosing the best mobile phone plans. Foremost, it would help if you planned your finances to identify a mobile plan that meets your needs and is within your budget. You need to be aware of your data consumption even after purchasing a phone. If you pay no attention to this, you may eventually pay extra than necessary. Thus, people traveling to new locations must choose the carrier network that best suits them. It may be challenging to choose from the various available mobile plans Australia, but this guide will help you make the best decision.

How Prepaid Mobile Phone Plans Work

Prepaid mobile phone plans allow you to only consume what you have paid for. This means that you are in total control over your mobile phone spending and therefore can operate within a budget. This is ideal, but in some instances can prevent you from communicating during an emergency. However, if you are looking for a way to reduce your spending, then a prepaid mobile phone plan is a great option because, you can have it as a sim-only service, or a monthly prepaid service.

Under the monthly prepaid service, you simply buy bundles in large quantities, but at a fixed tariff. This means you spend less per minute as compared to an out-of-contract service. However, the advantage of the sim-only service is that you can shift between different carriers at will so long as you have the sim card, and you are not restricted to a phone plan without network coverage. To some people, it is easier to buy a new sim card as compared to paying for roaming costs.

Prepaid Mobile Plans for Travelers

Travellers have different communication needs, and that’s why they need a flexible service that will allow them to shift from one tariff to another without incurring costs. One primary advantage of prepaid mobile plans is that the service is rarely locked to one carrier network. This means you can use the phone abroad, so long as you can still access your network coverage or your carrier’s affiliate network. Unlimited mobile phone plans with a mobile option usually come with locked phones that can only operate within that carrier’s coverage area. When going to a country like Australia, a mere search for mobile phone plans in Australia will yield results featuring small and larger companies. The larger companies have good network coverage, covering a larger area as compared to the smaller companies.

Is the Prepaid Mobile Plan Australia Ideal for Short-Term Visitors?

A prepaid service allows you to only use what you can pay for upfront. You can still get a mobile phone with your prepaid mobile phone plan, and this would be a great choice if your current phone is locked and you intend on staying in Australia for some months. If this is the case, then a new mobile phone on a prepaid contract will help you to choose a great network which is available in the region you’ll be staying. However, if you will be moving around a lot, then a sim-only mobile plan is ideal, so long as you select a great tariff and you can have access to quality, reliable WiFi.

Choosing A Good Carrier When Abroad

Choosing the best carrier service is the first step to a stress-free mobile phone plan. Ensure the carrier you pick has great affiliations to help you reduce your roaming charges. Furthermore, the bigger the carrier network, the more reliable its services will be. Smaller networks cannot offer certain assurances and that’s why their services, though of good quality, rarely cover a large area. A good carrier should be able to offer all types of mobile phone plans without adding hidden charges to your monthly costs. Also Read – How to Choose the Best VHS-to-Digital Service

Settling on a Good Carrier

A good carrier should have network coverage in the coastal suburbs as well as the interior. This is no mean fete since it requires a lot of infrastructure to operate in areas that are sparsely populated. However, larger carriers have good and sufficient network coverage in the interior of Australia and in spaces where such coverage doesn’t exist, they have partnered with other carriers to ensure roaming charges are minimal. Therefore, if you are planning on staying for a short period in Australia, then consider a mobile phone plan that allows you the flexibility to shift to a more reliable local network.

The Best Mobile Plans While in Australia

There are three types of mobile phone plans to choose from and these are unlimited mobile plans, prepaid and sim-only plans. The choice of the best mobile plan that you settle on will affect your average monthly costs. For example, the unlimited mobile phone plan is ideal if you are planning on staying for a longer time in the country. You can get a 6-month contract which is renewable after expiry, and through this mobile plan, you get access to cheaper minutes and data. The only thing is that you get a bundled offer which can seem expensive, but in reality, is quite cheap if you consider cost per resource.


A good Mobile phone plan depends on your usage and how frugal you can be. You don’t need to restrict yourself too much to get a cheap mobile phone plan. The idea is to stick to a predictable regimen for your calls and you will enjoy your travel communication package.