Everything about Configapk App On Android

Configapk is an app that features your Android device, programmed to aid in running numerous APK packages. APK plan is used in phone devices for application installation and also frequents the package as Android.auto-installs. config.

This article describes what config APK App is on Android, its functions, and some methods that can enhance the performance of your tool.

What Is Confi App gapkOn Android?

ConfigAPK runs on many Android devices, including Samsung, HTC, Huawei, and Google.

APK comes from mobile phones and implies an Android application package or Android.autointalls.config, a document responsible for all automated uninstallation and installation procedure default to the tool when it is bought, and it occupies space of 20KB.

Nonetheless, in current times, numerous customers have complained that the app has several issues, such as draining the battery more than usual and reducing the phone’s operations.

Most producers of tablets and also phones pre-install the bloatware before unleashing the app to the general public market. It suggests that those experiencing trouble with the application can only uninstall it, though in some cases, setup can be challenging due to application inter-relations.

Can I Eliminate The ConfigApk Application?

Whether to eliminate the config apk application from the phone or otherwise depends on the executables to which the phone will be subject once the app is eliminated.

Also, only some users nitpick about the quick draining of battery power; moreover, this problem might arise from a malware inversion instead of a configAPK. If the malware is the root cause of the battery issue, virus removal will be sufficient to address it.

It is essential to check your gadget utilizing anti-malware tools such as SpyHunter 5 to find any virus masquerading as an APK. You can use several check alternatives to find possible hiding viruses not observable by one program.

Remember that other causes might additionally be responsible for fast battery drainpipe, and slow efficiency need to find no virus after the check.

If Config APK Is Not Malicious, What Could Be Causing The Device To Act Weird?

A gadget acting weird could be the outcome of malware intrusion. A few problems triggered by malware hiding in a doubtful app include seeing an advertisement on your tool even if the phone is on a lock display.

Games or utility applications are commonly the malware providers that get into the phone’s default security systems. If you understand that your phone is slow-moving and usually redirects you to arbitrary sites, and also decreases the working of some apps. You need to examine if your tool has some malicious apps like OMACP.

The applications on your phone ought to be the ones you installed and frequently make use of; as a result, remove all the applications you do not make use of and the ones you did not set up, and also, if it is not possible to uninstall the doubtful application, put them on a risk-free setting.

A safe setting is attained by holding the power button while pushing the volume up and down buttons until the animation shows up. Maintain holding till the device closes down.

The device will remain in a secure setting after the boot. Permitting you to erase or disable applications that you could not formerly disable.

Exactly How To Disable ConfigAPK Application on Android?

As currently reviewed, the configAPK Android application is risk-free. It is fine to permit it to run in the history without issues concerning battery drain and data security. However, if you intend to disable the plan, you can easily follow the below steps.

On your Android device, go to Settings, then open apps under Settings.

Click on the three lines on the food selection’s top-right edge, and afterward, pick system apps.

Please scroll down on the listing to config APK and click on it to open up.

Tap disable and then restart your tool.

Config APK maintains crashing.

With time many applications such as configAPK plans tend to crash with installing a corrupt document and the build-up of cache dispute. If your gadget keeps showing config APK application has crashed;

Browse Settings



Storage and then tap clear android cache to fix the issue.

Ways To Protect Your Gadget From Android viruses

Phones’ capability to access the internet makes them prone to all types of problems that desktop computers and PCs experience. Though androids have different os, malware makers have used these mobile computers for malicious ends.

People today lug vital information such as financial institution details, logins, account passwords, and individual documents, which can conveniently be swiped by malicious malware. As a result, installing anti-virus software is necessary to secure personal information from the wrong hands. You should download your apps from trusted sources like Amazon.com and Google Play Providers.

Frequently Asked Questions of Config APK Android Application

Should I eliminate ConfigAPK from my gadget?

Configapk application on your Android is not malware and is risk-free like imslogger; because of this, there is no demand to remove it from the device. It is part of the gadget’s os and is accountable for the mobile installer when the device is initially booted.

If you experience any executables, the outcome of malware is likely that, as we have discussed, it will be eliminated with several scanning programs or secure setting procedures.

What consent does Config APK App have?

The application doe not require any permission to operate correctly. You can validate the permission option by clicking;

Settings application

System apps


Is ConfigAPK malware or spyware?

The Android configAPK app coincides with the KLMS agent, is part of the device operating system, and can not be malware or spyware.

Suppose your tablet or phone is decreasing and experiencing a faster battery drain. In that case, you must scan for malware and virus and take care of the hacked Android phone to do away with the questionable application.

Does Config APK Application consume tool battery?

Config APK application occupies a tiny room of interior memory of 20KB. It should only consume a little battery power if malware gets it. It commonly runs in the background, which means its battery intake is negligible.

You could deal with the battery issue by scanning for malware. Force-stopping the app and resetting the tool to its factory setting.

Last words

ConfigAPK is a built-in application that becomes part of the android os. It assists in installing apps on the device and is typically secure for your phone’s procedures. Some individuals may experience quick battery drain, sluggishness of the gadget, and consistent promotion feature these problems to config APK.

ConfigAPK does not cause any of these issues to your Android. If your phone exhibits these troubles, you should check for possible malware as the wrongdoer that must be eliminated.

A factory reset can also aid in solving the trouble by eliminating questionable applications. This short write-up has highlighted the value of config APK and exactly how you can disable the package app you want to. However, we prevent disabling it.