MacOS Upgrade- How To Gear Up For The Next Version

Apple is committed to offering the best to its users, which is the reason why it brings regular macOS upgrades. The newer versions are bound to be better as they serve performance enhancements and security improvements. So it makes sense to upgrade to the latest one so that you can avail of the best it has to offer. Attractive as the proposition sounds, upgrading requires some effort and preparation to ensure that the new version runs seamlessly on your system and gives the expected benefits. Here are some tips that can help you to prepare your Mac for the upgrade.

Check for hardware compatibility

Even before you plan an upgrade for your machine, you will need to know whether it is eligible for the version you want to start using. To begin with, you will have to find out the specifications of your Mac, which you can access from the “About This Mac” tab from the menu bar. The information will include the OS version you are currently running on, the RAM, and the processor of the system. Match them with the requirements of the latest version and see if the hardware is compatible.

Know more about the latest version

While you must learn about the specifications of your Mac, it is equally important to know the version you plan to embrace. You can research online to find out about the features and enhancements it offers. You may even make a comparison with the one you are using currently to assess the benefits you can avail by making a switch. This will help you understand whether the move would be worthwhile or staying with the current one is a feasible decision.

Backup your Mac

When it comes to upgrading your macOS, backing up your system is a step you cannot miss. A backup ensures that you wouldn’t lose any data even if something goes wrong during the upgrade. You can simply reboot and restore the data and get back to work. Using Time Machine is the easiest way to take a data backup because it lets you make a compressed version of the entire operating system without much effort.

Clean and declutter

Apple recommends that you should have a minimum of 4GB RAM and 12.5GB available storage before going ahead with an upgrade for your Mac. So now is the best time to clean and declutter your system by deleting unnecessary files and apps if you have been procrastinating for some time. Further, it is advisable to re-organize the files and ensure that the system settings are optimized. You can expect to have your Mac running in the peak condition after the upgrade because there will be dual benefits of moving to the latest version and having a clean and well-optimized system.

Once you are done with these steps, you are all set to go ahead with the upgrade. Also, remember that it isn’t a permanent arrangement as you always have the option to move back to the earlier version if you aren’t comfortable with the new one.