Optimizing Sales With Better Sales Funnel Design

For any business, be it operative online or offline, having a great sales funnel design is imperative. However, the designs do differ for both platforms.

To put it simply, for offline stores it is far easier to convert sales as physical modes of communication exist between customers and sellers. On the contrary, the process becomes a lot trickier for online sellers and businesses.

In this article, you will find all the necessary ideas and tips to improve your sales funnel design.

So, keep reading.

Optimize Choices You Offer

This is where most businesses go wrong- offering more choices is not necessarily equivalent to increased sales. On the contrary, it might result in indecisiveness. Hence, leading to losing a prospective customer for a business.

Perhaps, optimizing the choices to personalized preferences might help resolve this issue. For instance, including AI-based user mind maps into website structure can offer the customers precisely what they wish to see and, consequently, buy online.

Automate Checkout Process

According to a report from Business Insider, approximately $4 trillion of worth products were abandoned in shopping carts, in 2015. The report also quotes the fact that nearly 63% of these sales were recoverable.

In short, nailing down the checkout process might be the solution needed. According to this Kartra Review from Automation 411, the tool seamlessly integrates all the necessary features of an eCommerce to streamline the checkout process. And surely, with a frictionless checkout process, the lost sales can be recovered.

Know Key Performance Areas

This one is rather easy to understand. For an online business, a lot of leads are usually generated through paid promotions like Facebook ads and Google Ads. Especially, if the business is a startup.

Typically, every business receives its leads through one or more key performing areas. In short, the leads come through when they are intrigued by something. And knowing these key performing areas can surely help increase sales. Not just that, understanding and optimizing key performing areas can also ensure customer retention.

Drop Unnecessary Checkpoints

In a lot of cases, customers bounce back if they are subjected to a lot of many checkpoints. To better understand this, let us take an example.

A user searches for ‘hiking shoes online’ and is replied with eCommerce stores that sell the same. If the user is directly taken to the product page, the chances of converting it into a sale are pretty high. On the other hand, if the user is first taken to a category page, then allowed to add the product to the cart, then choose the payment option, it is very likely that they might change their mind, till the time they checkout and complete the purchase.

Eliminating, unnecessary landing pages (in this case) would surely help maintain the buyers’ interest. And most likely, bring in the sales for the business.

To sum it up, streamlining the sales funnel is not just important for improving sales. Indeed, it also helps with the upscaling prospects for a business. And, most likely, improving the brand value of any business too.