Mass Effect Andromeda Best Weapons Of All Time

Mass Effect Andromeda Best Weapons: Mass Effect Andromeda is full of weapons, both that you find out in the world and that you can craft on your own. With so many options — and less-than-stellar menus — it can be difficult to tell which guns actually worth the resources, especially since you need crafting materials to build weapons and “research data” to unlock them. You’ll unlock the best weapon blueprints as you advance beyond Level 25, so keep plugging away at quests to grab access to the best of the best. That said, here are some of the most powerful and versatile weapons in the Andromeda galaxy, whether you like a close-range shotgun or hyper-accurate sniper.

The Falcon isn’t just an assault rifle: It’s a grenade launcher. There are actually quite a few guns that really shoot bombs in Andromeda, and that’s helpful for collateral damage when you’re shooting at Kett in cover and blasting away at the toughest enemies in the game.

Mass Effect Andromeda Best Weapons
Mass Effect Andromeda Best Weapons

Mass Effect Andromeda Weapons List

These are the best pistols you can get your hands on in Mass Effect Andromeda.

  • Sidewinder
  • Carnifex
  • Scorpion
  • Talon
  • N7 Eagle

Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Weapons

Ruzad Shotgun

Defense is the best offense and that’s exactly why we recommend the Ruzad Shotgun. This shotgun packs a mean punch despite a moderately slow firing rate. However, what really sets it apart from many of the other shotguns is the fact that it can easily stagger almost every enemy in the game. The stagger effect is extremely powerful, especially when you’re dealing with troublesome enemies. The Ruzad Shotgun also has a curved blade on the front just in case an enemy gets up close and personal. You can make this one in the Milky Way research category.

Valkyrie Assault Rifle

Shooter fans should quickly look to pick up the Valkyrie Assault Rifle as it should be right up your alley. It fires off in two-round bursts for big damage and offers quite a bit of accuracy so you don’t waste any of that power. By default it works very well against shielded foes, but with a few mods you can switch up the ammunition to change its use as you see fit. There are a few other great assault rifles, such as the Soned Assault Rifle, but the Valkyrie Assault Rifle was our first go-to in the category.

M-90 Indra Sniper Rifle

If you aren’t big into sniper rifles, the M-90 Indra Sniper Rifle should be more than enough to allow for engaging enemies from a distance without the normal drawbacks of a sniper rifle. It has a much faster rate of fire compared to most other sniper rifles, and while you’re going to want to do some mods to really give the M-90 Indra Sniper Rifle the added boost it needs, when everything is said and done it’ll just be lacking in damage with everything else making up for that minor concern. However, if you haven’t been picking up sniper skills, the more traditional Isharay Sniper Rifle might be more to your liking.

Mass Effect Andromeda Melee Weapons

Remnant Cryo Gauntlet (Melee)

The ability to freeze enemies is extremely beneficial in Mass Effect Andromeda. The Remnant Cryo Gauntlet melee weapon does exactly that. You can find the weapon around the Remnant Monoliths or research it for 150 Remnant RD. As a melee weapon you won’t get the range you may be used to with the other weapons, but the freezing ability more than makes up for the lack of range. It won’t freezes enemies with shields or armor, but it will still slow down armored foes and if you’re patient you can remove an enemy’s shield before using the weapon to insure they’re frozen.

Mass Effect Andromeda Melee Weapons
Mass Effect Andromeda Melee Weapons

N7 Valkyrie Assault Rifle

Essentially a more accurate version of the Avenger assault rifle, the N7 Valkyrie is an absolute powerhouse provided you are a very accurate player when engaging enemies on the battlefield. Unlike the Mattock, the N7 Valkyrie sports a lower weight while still packing heavy damage, solid accuracy, and a relatively fast rate of fire even though it has a low clip size of 16. Naturally, you’ll be able to craft a better version which has a higher clip size and quicker reload, making this beauty one of the best assault rifles available in Andromeda for players looking for accuracy and damage.

Scorpion Pistol

One of my personal favorites from Mass Effect 3, the Scorpion pistol is back in Andromeda with the same powerful kick and reliable accuracy of its predecessors. Even though it’s classified as a pistol, the Scorpion is a mini-grenade launcher with explosives that stick to walls and enemies before detonating after a short time passes by. Despite being issued to the Salarian Special Task Group in an effort to allow smaller units to contain larger enemy forces, it works best when used against heavy hitters such as Fiends or Destroyers once their defenses have been worn down.

Hurricane SMG

Designed as a backup weapon for players who utilize a long- to medium-range playstyle, the Hurricane SMG is a wonderful weapon built to tear up targets who get a little too close for comfort. While it doesn’t have the biggest damage potential for a submachine gun, it has an alarmingly high rate of fire and a large clip capacity of 40 combined into a highly accurate weapon platform. It may not be the best at eliminating targets in a few shots, but boy can it lay down a wall of fire at anything coming your way.

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