Top 7 best DS emulator for iOS- Play classic Nintendo DS games

At present, the Nintendo emulators appear to be most popular in the market and it becomes very famous around the world. These emulators can get your kid’s most favorite games back to the iPad, iPhone, or Mac. So, it becomes so famous in a short time and also considered as the best ds emulator for iOS.

At present, there are many emulators available, so you can easily choose the best one for iOS. You can also even select the emulator based on your interests and needs. Without even having a look at the classic Nintendo console, you can also enjoy your most favorite Nintendo ds emulator iOS games.

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you will insist on the Nintendo DS, which is popularly called NDS. Since its invention, still, it has retained its credit and has also been preserved by the players as the best console ever, whether from Nintendo or any other players in a genre.

However, this extraordinary success has been liable for including a multitude of games to this console. When you are searching for the best Nintendo DS emulators for your iOS device, now you can easily play those games effortlessly on your iPad or iPhone. Below are the top picks of the best NDS Emulators for iOS that includes:

List of Top 7 Best DS Emulators of Playing classic Nintendo DS games on iOS

  1. NDS4iOS- Nintendo DS emulator for iPhone

Indeed, the NDS4iOS is one of the most famous Nintendo ds emulator iOS for you. Definitely, you will not be able to install it from the app store, when you would perform with several other apps. But, you can easily identify it as a good source for enjoying your most favorite NDS titles on your iPhone. However, it is one of the well-known choices available on iOS 7 and 8.

At present, you will be able to install and download the NDS4iOS by using a few other choices available such as Tutu app via the use of an IPA file or by using any other substitute source. There are also few other sites available, which would provide you with the enterprise variant of the NDS4iOS.

Moreover, the performance is an amazing one compared to any other entries in this compilation. However, it can be a great choice for playing your most favorite NDS games in 2D. Also, the 3D games incline to stumble and delay a slight.

  1. GBA4iOS- Game Boy Advance Nintendo ds emulator ios

If you are in awe of the Game Boy Advance emulator on your Nintendo DS, well, GDA4iOS must be a good choice for you. You can even play your most favorite games on your iPad or iPhone and really thanks to the BBA4iOS Emulator. It supports the older games too. The strength of this emulator lies in its rapid performance and easy functionality.

The new update to this emulator has included a few extra features such as Dropbox Sync, Cheats, Airplay, and an extra optimization for iPad. With great support for GBC and GB Games, GBA4iOS is also available via open-source code and has also been obtaining the proper best updates on extra features via a dynamic community.

There is also the latest update for iPhone X display and some of its features are worth mentioning that include controller skins, GB and GBC support, multiplayer support, URL scheme, cheat codes, dropbox support, and the save states.

  1. iNDS emulator- A Nintendo DS tweak on Cydia

It is one of the best tweaks available on Cydia and it must ideally be the best ds emulator for iOS you can attempt with. Of course, it is an amazing choice for enjoying your NDS games on your iPhone. Presently, it is available on iOS devices that are running on iOS 9 and thus this emulator will require a jailbroken device. Moreover, one of the rarest choices that can provide you with 60 fps functionality, and this iNDS is only available for the iOS 9 jailbroken devices.

  1. Delta emulator- The best DS emulator for iOS

If you have updated your iPhone to iOS latest version, Delta emulator is a wonderful choice in the realm of NDS emulators, which assist you greatly. This delta emulator greatly helps a vast array of consoles and games than Nintendo DS. It also involves a host of series and games such as Game Boy Color, N64, GBA4iOS, and more. Some of the excellent features in the delta emulator are including an option to save the game anytime, cheat codes, cloud sync compatibility, clean as well as simple to use interface.

  1. Drastic DS emulator

If you are searching for the fastest and easiest means of playing Nintendo DS games on your iPhone, the Drastic DS emulator can be the best ds emulator for iOS to try. In this quickest updated emulator, you will identify it to include new functionality and features on a routine basis. This emulator comes with MOGA support as well as it becomes one of the most reliable and user-friendly NDS emulators on iOS.

  1. DeSmuMe emulator 

It is also one of the greatest Nintendo ds emulator iOS in the list. It is compatible with many devices such as iOS and PC. You can even play commercial games without even any collisions and delays. It also features the best sound reproduction of NDS ROMs that could be a great and largest online resource hosting.

  1. Duos emulator 

This emulator is perfect for those who have old systems and wish to enjoy NDS Games. Even the players can discover it very simple to use and set up. To load a specific game, you just right-click on it and prompt an emulator to run it.


Overall, these are all a few iOS emulators that will offer you an amazing choice of playing your most favorite Nintendo ds emulator iOS on your device. Nevertheless, if you have an own android device, a host of these emulators has a special emulator choice for android devices too. All you want to do is to pick the right emulator that suits your interests and needs, then enjoy your NDS games. Hopefully, you have enjoyed attempting out some of these emulators that have listed above. Whenever you try this, you can simply go by the Nintendo official site.

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