8 Tips to Boost Google Ads Performance

Google Ads is an effective online tool that can help new businesses build brand awareness, bring in their first customers, and generate most of the website traffic for big businesses.

However, creating and managing a successful Google Ads campaign is not easy. It needs a lot of reviewing, experimenting, strategic thinking, keeping up with the trends, and innovation.

Thus today, to help you review and boost your current Google Ads campaigns, we will share a list of 8 insightful tips.

Tip #1: Understand What Needs Improving

Before you start working on improving your Google Ads campaign performance and applying all these ready-to-use tips we are sharing today, it is important to understand what truly needs improving on your current Google Ads campaign.

To do that, you can hire a professional who will evaluate your ad campaign’s current situation and suggest what to improve, or you can use online tools to perform a Google Ads audit in a few minutes. If you are on a limited budget and have limited time, using the online tool to perform an audit is one of the best choices you can make.

Tip #2: Find the Best Keywords

If you are starting a new Google Ads campaign or improving an old one, you should use the Google Ads Keyword Planner once in a while. It is a free tool that suggests new keywords according to your niche and the keywords that you are already using.

However, be careful while using this tool and always review the keywords before adding them because some of them might not be relevant enough to be worth to be added to your ad campaign.

Tip #3: Organize Your Keywords

Even if you found some great new keywords while using the Google Ads Keyword Planner tool, you should not just add them blindly to one campaign. Create separate ad campaigns for different groups of keywords so that it would be easier to analyze your data later on.

For example, if your company re-sells many different products like clothing, toys, and electronics, all of the keywords should be separated into different ad groups.

Tip #4: Make Sure the Ad Copy Is Relevant to the Landing Page

Make Sure the Ad Copy Is Relevant to the Landing Page

Even if your ad copy sounds promising, it will be no use if your landing page is not as great as the ad copy. Your potential customers will expect one thing and find nothing that was promised when they visit your website, which will cause the visitors to leave the site.

More to it, if you have chosen the pay-per-click strategy, such useless clicks will only lead to losing money and will be bad for your Quality Score. And the Quality Score is essential if you want to grow your reach and sales because it influences your position on Google Search pages. Suggested – Connect Customers to your Brand with Digital Marketing

Tip #5: Include Keywords Into Ad Copy

Another way to increase your Quality Score and earn your business a better spot on the first page of Google Search is to make sure you include the main keywords of an ad group to your ad copy.

This matters because a specific ad is shown to people because of the keywords that match their search and are on a keyword list on a certain ad group. Therefore, if a potential customer sees the keyword they have searched for, they are more likely to click on the ad and convert.

Tip #6: Take Advantage of Location Targeting

Take Advantage of Location Targeting

If you run a local business, Google Ads location targeting can increase your reach and sales. Use ad extensions to exclude other areas that your business is not available in and instead, concentrate and increase bidding options for the geographic locations that are bringing in the best results.

Tip #7: Combine Broad & Exact Match Keywords

Combine Broad & Exact Match Keywords

Using only one type of keywords will not bring as many benefits as using both of them would. Using Broad Match keywords type will give you a lot more reach than Exact Match type keywords, but it will also attract irrelevant clicks. This is because broad keywords may be used by many similar or even far from similar businesses.

However, only using the Exact Match type keywords will bring a lot less reach than the Broad Match type would, but these clicks are more likely to convert. Therefore, using both of these match types will bring in the best possible results.

Tip #8: Review Your Old Keywords

To run a successful digital marketing campaign, it is important to add new keywords to your ad campaigns and experiment regularly, but it is also essential to review the old ones once in a while because some might be underperforming.

If you notice that some of the keywords are getting no attention or getting too much attention but no clicks, you should pause or remove these keywords because they are not beneficial for your ad campaign.