How is the latest technology impacting SEO practices?

Technology is evolving at a fast pace. Every day new software and gadgets are becoming a hot topic of discussion, especially in the world of digital marketing. Every person wants to keep their business on top. And to do that, they apply various digital marketing techniques such as email marketing, social media marketing, content creation, and obviously search engine optimization.

However, we can not ignore the fact that these latest technologies affect your SEO practices. To be specific, we are talking about the invention attracting the most attention, such as voice search, AMP, VR, AI, etc.

Although, the burning question is- How exactly are these technologies impacting business SEO practices? Curious to know its answer? Keep scrolling through.

Voice search and SEO

Voice search has been part of our life since 2012. However, from the past 2-3 years, its use has increased. Currently, 3025 billion people are using voice search (VS), and it is expected that by 2022 around 6.4 billion people will be using VS.

Now, how does SEO come into this picture? From the data above, it is clear that digital marketing experts need to work on improvising the content as per voice search.

For instance:

When a user wants to know the world’s population, s/he will simply type ‘world population’ to see the result, but in voice search, s/he will say ‘ok google, what is the population of the world’. Therefore, for your page to appear on these searches, you need to optimize your content as per voice search.

Artificial intelligence and SEO

We understand that Google’s primary focus is the user, and that is why in 2016, Google developed BERT (Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding) to know how people search.

It helps in showing those pages in user search that may or may not include the keywords but do provide the relevant information related to research. In simple terms, BERT will help your page to rank higher if you have the correct information on the website.

Virtual Reality and SEO

To be honest, most SEO experts expected the introduction of VR in digital marketing. It is a great way to provide quality content to the user by using appealing graphics, images, videos, etc., especially for new entrepreneurs.

By using virtual reality, businesses can easily attract the target audience and enhance website traffic. Not to mention, it can also gain a great advantage over competitors.

Accelerated Mobile Pages and SEO

It is evident that every person uses their mobile devices to search. If we talk about data, 63% of the people use mobile. To enhance the user experience, Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) to improve website pages’ loading. Now here’s the catch, when business websites load faster, Google will rank your page higher in SERPs.

The Bottom line,

We can’t deny the fact that technology will keep evolving. So, you must make sure that your content and SEO strategies are aligning with emerging technologies. The right mix of these technologies and SEO can enhance your website traffic and brand visibility.