Best Server Racks under $250

Internet usage is increasing in the present world. And the server is making a big contribution to the Internetworking properly. Many people know it and many do not know. But yes it is true that if there was no server then we would never have access to so much information on the internet and could not find it. And without the information, the Internet would be almost invisible and then you can understand the server’s role in the existence of the Internet.

As the use of the Internet is increasing in the world, the use of the server is increasing. Just as important as the server for the Internet is the server rack for the server. Proper management of each server, cooling system server warranties, or additions are very important tasks. And you can definitely get all of these things through a server rack only. The price of the server rack, especially server rack cabinet price in bd is very cheap. So let’s know about some of the best server racks under $250 or 20,000 bdt.

  1. Toten 15U Wall Mount Rack Server Cabinet WM.6615.7101

This server rack is a very good server rack within the budget range. This rack has a front glass door, which has a locking mechanism as well. The size of this rack is 600mm X 600mm. Side panels are easy to play. There are also 1 x 6 ports with PDU AC with more essential advantages. The current price of this server rack is only 14,400 bdt.

  1. 2.Toten DR.9001 32U

This rack has 3 adjustable legs that make it easy to move. There are also 600 X 600 ANSI, EIA RS-310-D, ICC 297-2, DIN 41494, ETSI standard, modular design, etc. The current price of the rack is only 10,500 bdt.

  1. Toten P1-2.6616.9001 15U Wall Mount Server Cabinet

The size of this rack is also 600 x 600 with a glass and metal combination door. 19 ″ Standard installation, removable side panel, also has great maintenance benefits. The current price of the rack is only 13,500 bdt.

  1. Toten OR.6642.9001 42U

The special feature of this server rack is that it has just two adjustable legs and 4 wheels which are very convenient for moving from one place to another. It also has 600 X 600 ANSI / EIA RS-310-D, IPC 297-2, DIN 41494, ETSI standard, modular design, etc. Another feature of this is that it is a fully open matching server rack, so it is very easy to see and collect anything. The current price of this rack is only 11,500 bdt.

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