The Future of Hotel Industry Amid The Pandemic- How Tech Will Drive Recovery

The pandemic has affected all industries, and hospitality is not an exception. It is one of the worse-hit segments as travel was stalled for most of 2020. But the New Year brings fresh hopes for hotel owners, as vaccines are being rolled out and people are traveling once again. But the future of the hotel industry is far from predictable, at least, till the pandemic is around. Thankfully, technology can save them by realigning the guest experiences and ensuring foolproof safety while they are here. Let us give you a sneak peek into the future of the industry and how technology will drive its recovery.

Marketing goes online with digital technologies

The first measure for the industry’s revival is even before guests step into the property. Hotels need to build an impressive digital presence with an excellent website and robust marketing strategy. The idea is to reach the target audience and showcase your property and amenities on the internet. You also need to offer them the facility to book and pay online so that they can minimize contact when they arrive.

Self-service check-ins for guests

Contactless check-ins and check-outs are the future of the hospitality industry. Guests expect to avoid physical contact during the pandemic, and you can easily do it by offering them self-service kiosks or mobile apps rather than sharing details with the desk staff. It also lets you operate with fewer staff members, which can translate into considerable long-term savings for the business.

Smart automation for better experiences and energy savings

All hotels, big or small, need to excel with guest experiences, and everything boils down to the comfort of the customers. You can invest in hotel automation with devices that control temperature and air quality intuitively. Apart from temperature control, these devices can also help with energy savings. You can cut down on energy bills and make your business more sustainable.

Chatbots for service without contact

Even as guests expect to avoid personal contact with your staff, they will want to have the best services while they are at the hotel. The future belongs to chatbots that listen to the guests, resolve their queries, and ensure that they get the service they want. For example, guests can discuss menu options with chatbots, place orders, and have steaming hot food delivered to their rooms.

Robotics will take over housekeeping

Robotics technology is all set to change the future of the industry as it will take over the housekeeping jobs. From cleaning rooms and common areas to delivering essentials to the guests, everything will be handled by smart robots. Minimal human contact is good from the safety perspective, while it will help hotels cut down the cost of hiring and training people.

Although the hotel industry has a challenging journey ahead, the future looks brighter than you think. Empowering your business with the right technologies is the need of the hour. Fortunately, you have myriad options in hospitality tech solutions you can rely on to get your business back on track.