Channel Number for MSNBC on DirecTV

Are you a fan of staying informed by watching the news? For those who are avid viewers, it’s crucial to know how to access their favorite channels. In this context, we’ll explore which channel MSNBC is on DirecTV, helping news enthusiasts remain connected with the latest global developments. You can easily tune into MSNBC on Channel 356 on DirecTV.

MSNBC stands out as a prominent news broadcasting network, covering a wide array of topics from politics to more general news. Its significant viewership owes much to its unique origin – a collaboration between Microsoft (reflected in the “MS” part of its name) and Comcast, through its NBCUniversal division (thus the “NBC” part). This blend brings a diverse range of news to its audience.

Understanding MSNBC on DirecTV

MSNBC is a prominent cable and satellite television network in the U.S., operating under the ownership of Comcast via its NBCUniversal division. This channel emerged from the 2007 merger of MSNBC and The Politico. It serves not only subscribers in the United States but also in various other countries.

In addition to traditional TV platforms, MSNBC extends its reach across modern devices including Xbox One, Apple TV, PlayStation, Roku, and FireStick. While NBCUniversal is the owner of MSNBC, the channel’s day-to-day operations are managed by a specialized division called MSNBC Digital. This arrangement means NBCUniversal not only owns but also licenses MSNBC to cable and satellite providers for a fee.

Locating MSNBC on DirecTV

A Simple Guide For those trying to find MSNBC on DirecTV, the search is straightforward. MSNBC is broadcasted on Channel 356 across all DirecTV subscription packages. However, viewers should be aware of potential confusion between MSNBC and NBC. MSNBC primarily focuses on news and documentary-style reporting, whereas NBC offers a broader spectrum of TV content, including series suitable for children, teens, and adults.

This differentiation is crucial for viewers seeking specific content types. If your interest lies in shows other than news or documentaries, MSNBC might not be the suitable channel. Conversely, for those looking for in-depth news coverage on various topics, MSNBC is readily available. Additionally, MSNBC is known for adding a unique flair to news broadcasting, enhancing viewer engagement.

Channel numbers for NBC may vary based on your location. For instance, in Houston, NBC is on Channel 2, while in Atlanta, it is on Channel 11. Understanding these channel assignments is straightforward.

Upon subscribing to DirecTV, a complete guide to channel listings, including MSNBC on Channel 356, is provided in the service manual. Beyond just knowing the channel number for MSNBC, which is 356 in high definition, DirecTV offers various attractive subscription plans worth considering.

Channel Name  Channel Number 
MSNBC HD Channel   356

Streaming MSNBC on DirecTV

To enjoy MSNBC online, numerous devices offer access, with the preferred method being through the NBC app, owned by NBCUniversal. After installing the NBC app and logging into your NBCUniversal account, you can conveniently stream MSNBC live. This streaming experience is enhanced on devices like Xbox One and Apple TV, where their respective controllers facilitate easy navigation. Additionally, devices such as Roku and FireStick also support live streaming of MSNBC.

DirecTV Packages

Featuring MSNBC DirecTV, known for its diverse subscription options, includes MSNBC in its lineup. These packages start at an affordable rate of $64.99, offering access to over a hundred channels. More premium subscription tiers are available, starting at $69.99 and $84.99, which include additional perks such as NFL Sunday tickets for the upcoming season. The highest tier, the Premier package, priced at $139.99 per month, offers an extensive range of channels and exclusive privileges through DirecTV’s partnerships.

These packages are ideal for those who don’t want to miss out on quality entertainment. Subscribers to DirecTV can also opt for a satellite protection package, starting at $8.99 per month, ensuring continuous service even in challenging circumstances. This option also includes a complimentary service call feature for any required consultations or support.

Choosing MSNBC on DirecTV for News and Documentaries

MSNBC has carved a niche for itself in the realm of news reporting and commentary, distinguishing itself in a crowded field of news outlets. It consistently delivers exceptional coverage, particularly in breaking news and political analysis. This is largely due to MSNBC’s commitment to employing only seasoned journalists and broadcasters, which significantly elevates the quality of their news writing and documentation.

Beyond traditional news reporting, MSNBC has diversified its offerings by producing original documentaries. These documentaries are crafted with remarkable skill and are worth exploring, especially for those who already have or are considering a DirecTV subscription.

Among MSNBC’s notable productions is the documentary titled “Civil War,” which delves into the American Civil War, presenting perspectives and reflections from both the North and South. This documentary garnered acclaim for its insightful exploration of a pivotal moment in American history.

Another significant offering is “Politics Nation,” a program that fosters understanding of political dynamics both within and outside the United States. It focuses on how political discourse influences national policies and reforms, providing a deep dive into the complexities of the U.S. political landscape.

MSNBC’s dedication to maintaining high-quality standards in news reporting and documentary filmmaking makes it a reliable source for viewers seeking credible and trustworthy information. This commitment to quality, along with its diverse content offerings, makes MSNBC a valuable channel to have access to on DirecTV.

Subscribing to MSNBC through DirecTV

A Comprehensive Guide Opting for a DirecTV subscription to access MSNBC is about more than just adding another channel to your lineup. It’s about embracing the full spectrum of benefits that come with DirecTV’s service. This includes the assurance of a stable network connection, robust customer support in case of any issues, and a guarantee of high-quality broadcast services, ensuring an uninterrupted viewing experience of MSNBC, located on channel 356.

Here’s how to get started:
  1. Visit the DirecTV Website: Begin by navigating to the DirecTV website. Here, you can explore the various entertainment packages available. Utilize their comparison tool to evaluate different options, ensuring you select the one that best aligns with your preferences.
  2. Select Your Preferred Subscription Package: After reviewing the available options, choose the package that suits your needs. DirecTV’s offerings are designed to enhance your viewing experience, particularly with high-definition quality that significantly enriches the content, including MSNBC’s diverse programming.
  3. Complete Your Subscription: Proceed to checkout and finalize your subscription. Typically, the setup process is swift, and you can expect to have everything in place within a week.


While initially finding MSNBC on DirecTV might seem daunting, the platform is user-friendly and provides ample resources to assist you. Once you’ve tuned in to channel 356, you’ll have access to MSNBC’s extensive range of shows and documentaries. Remember, the true value lies not just in accessing MSNBC, but in the overall quality and reliability that comes with a DirecTV subscription.