Tell me channel for Paramount on Spectrum

After a tiring day, you’re ready to unwind with your favorite show or movie, but the challenge of finding the right channel arises. Paramount Network, a prominent American TV channel, features a vast array of content, from enthralling scripted series and lively reality shows to major movies. As an avid TV viewer, you seek easy access to this network to keep up with new episodes and releases. Spectrum, a leading American cable provider, offers diverse channel packages to cater to its subscribers’ varied preferences.

This comprehensive guide will lead you through the steps to locate Paramount Network on Spectrum, ensuring you always stay connected with your favorite shows.

The Value of Paramount Network for Television Audiences

Paramount Network holds a pivotal place in the TV industry, boasting a wide-ranging selection of programs that cater to diverse tastes. It stands out for its mix of compelling scripted dramas, engaging reality shows, and hit movies that captivate viewers.

Beyond its acclaimed original series, Paramount Network is known for hosting popular reality shows and exclusive content, setting it apart from other channels. Its commitment to innovative and immersive storytelling has garnered a loyal fan base eagerly anticipating new releases and special events.

In the ever-changing TV landscape, Paramount Network continues to adapt, offering distinctive programming that resonates with and entertains a broad audience. This adaptability and focus on meeting the entertainment needs of various viewers underscore the significance of Paramount Network for TV viewers across the country.

Paramount Network on Spectrum: Your Easy-to-Follow Guide

Locating your preferred channels on your cable service is a key aspect of enjoying TV. Paramount Network, known for its compelling and varied programming, is a favorite among Spectrum users. In this guide, we’ll direct you to the Paramount Network channel number on Spectrum in various locations.

Channel Numbers in Different Cities/States:

  • Los Angeles, CA: Channel 54
  • New York, NY: Channel 84
  • Dallas, TX: Channel 62
  • Tampa, FL: Channel 34
  • Charlotte, NC: Channel 45
  • Cleveland, OH: Channel 36
  • St. Louis, MO: Channel 32
  • Orlando, FL: Channel 37
  • Raleigh, NC: Channel 52
  • Kansas City, MO: Channel 29
  • San Antonio, TX: Channel 54
  • Columbus, OH: Channel 42
  • Milwaukee, WI: Channel 55
  • Austin, TX: Channel 59
  • Cincinnati, OH: Channel 46

Note: Channel numbers might differ based on your location and package. For accurate information, check the channel guide with your Spectrum subscription or visit Spectrum’s website, entering your zip code for a customized channel listing.

This guide aims to simplify finding the Paramount Network on Spectrum, enhancing your TV viewing with top shows and exclusive content. Stay tuned for upcoming series and special events on the network for fresh, innovative entertainment.

Spectrum’s Channel Packages Explained

Spectrum, a leading cable provider, offers diverse channel packages to suit different preferences. These packages range from essential viewing to extensive channel lists. Let’s look at Spectrum’s three main channel packages:

  1. Select Package: This entry-level package offers over 125 channels, including popular news, entertainment, and lifestyle channels. It’s ideal for those who want essential programming at an affordable price.
  2. Silver Package: Offering over 175 channels, this package includes everything in the Select Package plus premium networks like HBO Max, Showtime, and NFL Network. It’s designed for viewers seeking a wider range of content.
  3. Gold Package: Catering to the ultimate TV aficionado, the Gold Package boasts over 200 channels. It expands the Silver Package with additional premium networks such as STARZ, STARZ ENCORE, and TMC, offering an extensive variety of programming.

Mastering Spectrum’s Channel Guide

Spectrum’s channel guide is intuitively structured to help subscribers effortlessly find their favorite channels and explore new programs. It’s categorized into sections like news, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle, making it easy for users to navigate through the various channels in each category. To locate a specific channel, Spectrum offers a convenient search function, accessible via the remote control or the Spectrum TV app.

Just type in the channel name or a related keyword, and the search function will present matching results, streamlining the process for viewers to find and enjoy their chosen channels.

Step-by-Step Guide to Locating Paramount Network on Spectrum

Finding the Paramount Network on Spectrum is straightforward with these simple steps. Here’s how to access the network and indulge in your preferred shows:

  1. General Channel Number for Paramount Network Typically, Paramount Network is found on channel 54 or 84 in many Spectrum service areas. Remember, this can differ depending on your specific location and channel lineup.
  2. Regional Variations in Channel Numbers The channel number for Paramount Network can change based on your region. Below is a snapshot of channel numbers in select areas:
  • Los Angeles, CA: Channel 54
  • New York, NY: Channel 84
  • Dallas, TX: Channel 62
  • Tampa, FL: Channel 34
  • Charlotte, NC: Channel 45

To identify the precise channel number in your area, consult the channel guide included with your Spectrum subscription, or visit Spectrum’s website and input your zip code for a customized channel list.

Utilizing Spectrum’s Search Feature to Find Paramount Network

To effortlessly locate the Paramount Network using Spectrum’s search function, simply follow these steps:

  1. Press the “Menu” or “Guide” button on your Spectrum remote control.
  2. Look for the “Search” or “Find Channels” feature.
  3. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter “Paramount” in the search bar.
  4. The search will show Paramount Network and any related content.
  5. Choose Paramount Network from the displayed results to start watching.

Accessing Paramount Network in High Definition (HD)

If you own an HD TV and have a Spectrum subscription supporting HD, you can watch Paramount Network in high quality by following these instructions:

  1. Press the “Menu” or “Guide” button on your remote.
  2. Find and select the “HD Channels” or “HD Filter” option to filter for HD channels.
  3. Look for Paramount Network in the channel guide, identified with an “HD” label next to its number, or use the search function and look for the “HD” symbol in the results.
  4. Select the Paramount Network HD channel for an enhanced viewing experience.

Top Shows on Paramount Network

Paramount Network is renowned for its diverse and engaging content. Let’s delve into some of the network’s most popular current shows, upcoming series, and exclusive content.

Current Hit Shows on Paramount Network:

  1. Yellowstone: This highly acclaimed drama centers around the Dutton family, owners of America’s largest contiguous ranch, as they navigate threats to their land and legacy.
  2. Bar Rescue: A gripping reality show where hospitality expert Jon Taffer transforms failing bars with expert advice and a no-nonsense approach.
  3. Ink Master: A competition series where talented tattoo artists vie for a cash prize and the prestigious title of “Ink Master.”
  4. Wife Swap: This intriguing reality series swaps wives from families with vastly different lifestyles for two weeks, offering unique perspectives and transformative experiences.

Upcoming Attractions and Events on Paramount Network:

  1. Mayor of Kingstown: From the creators of “Yellowstone,” this eagerly awaited drama focuses on the McLusky family, influential figures in a Michigan town dominated by prison economics.
  2. 1883: As a prequel to the acclaimed “Yellowstone,” this series explores the Dutton family’s early days and their quest to establish the renowned Yellowstone Ranch.
  3. The Last Cowboy: A compelling reality show spotlighting the competitive world of professional reining, with trainers battling for the honor of being named “The Last Cowboy.”

Exclusive Offerings on Paramount Network

Paramount Network has carved a niche for itself by providing exclusive, high-quality content. This includes original series like “Yellowstone” and “Mayor of Kingstown,” along with unique reality shows and special events such as “Bar Rescue” and “Ink Master.” Paramount Network’s dedication to delivering distinct, captivating, and immersive storytelling cements its status as a prime destination for viewers in search of new and thrilling entertainment.

Resolving Paramount Network Issues on Spectrum

Dealing with cable service problems can be a source of frustration for any TV enthusiast. In this section, we’ll address common challenges associated with the Paramount Network on Spectrum, offering practical solutions to ensure a smooth and enjoyable viewing experience of your preferred programs.

Troubleshooting Paramount Network Accessibility on Spectrum

  1. Steps to Take if Paramount Network is Unavailable:
    • Check Your Channel Lineup: Confirm if Paramount Network is a part of your Spectrum package by consulting the channel guide or checking Spectrum’s website. If it isn’t included, you might need an upgrade to access it.
    • Reset Your Cable Box: Power off your cable box, disconnect it for about 30 seconds, and then reconnect it. After it reboots, see if Paramount Network appears.
    • Channel Scan: Go to the “Settings” or “Menu” on your remote and execute a channel scan. This ensures your cable box is updated with the latest channel information.
  2. Seeking Help from Spectrum’s Customer Support:
    • Call Spectrum Support: If Paramount Network is still inaccessible, contact Spectrum customer support at 1-833-267-6094 for assistance and troubleshooting.
    • Use Live Chat: For immediate help, use the live chat option on Spectrum’s website to connect with a support agent.
    • Visit a Spectrum Store: For personalized assistance, find a nearby Spectrum store and talk to a representative in person.
  3. Upgrading Your Spectrum Package:
    • Assess Viewing Needs: Consider if the content on Paramount Network matches your viewing interests and if it’s worth the package upgrade.
    • Compare Package Options: Review the differences between your current plan and the ones offering Paramount Network, looking at the additional channels and features.
    • Budget Consideration: Make sure the cost of the upgrade aligns with your monthly cable service budget.

By implementing these steps and considering these factors, you can efficiently resolve issues related to accessing Paramount Network on Spectrum and enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.

Locating Paramount Network Channel on Spectrum TV

The channel number for Paramount Network on Spectrum varies based on your location and your subscription package. For precise channel information in your area, you can visit the Spectrum website or contact their customer service.

When accessing the Spectrum TV website, you’ll need to provide your address or zip code, enabling Spectrum to tailor the channel lineup for your specific location.

Paramount Network Channel Numbers in Select Cities/Towns:

  • Albertville: Channel 66
  • Austin, TX: Channel 69
  • Athens, GA: Channel 68
  • Avon, IN: Channel 24
  • Alexandria, KY: Channel 51
  • Auburn, ME: Channel 31
  • Allendale, MI: Channel 74
  • Albany: Channel 33
  • Belleville: Channel 71
  • Baton Rouge, LA: Channel 64
  • Bakersfield, CA: Channel 38
  • Baker City: Channel 43
  • Bristol, VA: Channel 64
  • Bridgeport, WV: Channel 41
  • Cincinnati: Channel 47
  • Cleveland: Channel 43
  • Dallas: Channel 32
  • Grand Junction, CO: Channel 20
  • Greenville, SC: Channel 66
  • Harvard: Channel 47
  • Knoxville: Channel 64
  • Lincoln: Channel 61
  • Los Angeles: Channel 45 or 53
  • New York: Channel 36
  • Orlando: Channel 68
  • Saint Louis: Channel 71
  • San Antonio: Channel 59
  • Waterford: Channel 37

Please note, these channel numbers are subject to change. It’s advisable to contact customer support for the latest information before subscribing. The customer support team can also provide assistance with specific channel numbers upon request.

Keep in mind that Spectrum TV serves almost all US states, and the above list includes only a selection of cities.


Paramount Network offers a wide range of appealing programming, catering to diverse tastes. As a Spectrum subscriber, you can enjoy a seamless experience discovering and watching your favorite Paramount Network shows. By familiarizing yourself with Spectrum’s channel packages, using the channel guide effectively, and addressing common issues, you’re set for a smooth and enjoyable TV experience. Keep an eye on upcoming series and exclusive content from Paramount Network, which continuously offers fresh and engaging entertainment for viewers like you.