Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector

Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector: If you have an apple iphone tool, you may have gotten the timely liquid detected in the lightning port popping up on your screen regularly. These problems usually happen even if your device is far from any water source.

Numerous apple iphone customers have seen this strong stand out on their display out of nowhere, sidetracking their experience with the phone. This trouble is mainly experienced by users with apple iphone iOS 14 and iOS 15.

Nevertheless, other variations of the iPhone, such as 11, 12, x, and SE 2, are less constant than the most recent versions, 14 and 15.

Regrettably, these individuals do not recognize the reason or the factor behind this alert. Usually, the alert is accompanied any another alert that informs you what to do; ‘separate to allow the connector to dry.

This might take several hours. The funniest thing is that the ‘iPhone water detected in lightning connector’ appears in heaven even without being near any liquid. It might turn up when you link your phone to the charger, are gaming, viewing movies, or using any third-party application.

What does the lightning connector liquid detection methods?

The expression, lighting connecter is a fancy apple iphone name utilized to refer to the charging port. So, when the pop-up claims liquid has been detected in the lightning connector, it indicates that your charging port might have some water beads or wetness or you are in an area with high moisture levels.

Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector: Problem in-detail

Additionally, it suggests that you have attached a damp charging cable to your charging port. Numerous points make this happens; several of the usual ones include:


If you choose your iPhone for the bathroom when you shower, the area’s humidity comes to be high. Your apple iPhone will detect the buildup of moisture in the charging port; for this reason, it will undoubtedly caution you of the liquid seen in the lightning connector notification.


If you go outside with your phone when it drizzles heavily or showers, your iPhone might splash swiftly, and you will receive the notification rapidly.


Delving into a swimming pool with an iPhone in your pockets will get it wet, and also, if you are lucky that it is not ruined, you will obtain this prompt notice that will enable you to take some measures and completely dry your phone.

Split Beverage

When drinking something, claim a soda, water, or coffee. Also, your iPhone is near. You will likely splash some on your iPhone and obtain fluid detected in the lightning connector notification.

Can water-resistant apples iphone quit liquid water in the lightning port?

The most recent versions of iPhones featured water-resistant features. However, that does not quit the liquid detected in the lightning connector from appearing on the display of the apple iPhone.

Variation 8, to the most up-to-date iPhone variations, is all water-resistant. However, being water-resistant is one thing, and suffering damage from liquid exposure is another. For this reason, you need to be blinded by these attributes and be careless, as you might ruin your phone with fluids.

The steel elements used to produce the iPhone will undoubtedly start to rust due to direct exposure to water droplets. This will decrease your apple iphone’s efficiency or ruin it no matter the variation.

The most helpful thing is that if there is no electrical present to go through the metal pins and complete the flow of current, then there will not be any damage.

But will water droplets wait for apple iPhone to lose water before satisfying the charging port? The charging system of the iPhone tool is designed to cut off the present after it is fully charged.

What to do if water is detected in the lightning connector?

Do not use emergency override on the apple iphone when you obtain the liquid detected in the lightning connector on your device. Give the apple iphone enough time to dry.

Run the emergency override.

Allow it to dry in the open air

Visit the nearest apple store for a checkup

How to fix the iPhone liquid detected in the lightning connector?

As we said previously, the majority of apple iPhone devices, especially from variation eight and above, are made with water-resistant features. However, the alert will certainly still appear. You will undoubtedly get this notice if the phone’s charging port is moist.

Also, you must see that your apple iPhone is dry to prevent this error message. You can attain that by lightly touching the phone against your hand with the port facing down. Maintain it in a location with good air movement for thirty minutes before taking it.

You have not fixed the issue if you still get the water in the lightning port mistake message after this fast aid for drying the port.

Some individuals use a blow-dry maker to blow the ports, but the notice persists after connecting the charger, implying the liquid in your device mistake still needs to be solved.

I will provide various other tricks to aid you in resolving this problem with your phone. Follow the complying with actions:

1- Eliminate the sim card and return it after a long time

The fluid discovered in the lightning connector also shows up if the sim card port has some liquid or built-up dampness declines. Although the phone is water resistant, the place can have some moisture after immersing your phone in water.

This is what happens even when your device includes a high IP rating. It may be the single factor the mistake message still turns up after clearing your charging port. Comply with the list below easy steps to remove and return your sim card safely:

Turn the device off

Insert the sim card pin ejector into the tiny opening near the sim card slot port. It’s offered on one side of the device.

Push the ejector pin carefully, and the sim card tray will open a little pop out.

Remove the tray from the slots and remove the sim card.

Examine any problems brought on by liquid or any moisture web content. If there is, dry it off.

If there is no damage or liquid, return the sim card to the tray and delicately push it on the slot with the exact positioning.

After ensuring the sim card and slot are secure and liquid-free, open your device and connect the charger to see if the error message still appears. If there is, try our following solution.

2- Reset all the settings on the device

If the phones still reveal the error message, then there might be trouble with just how you set up the device.

The incorrect configuration will undoubtedly influence the device’s performance and also might trigger an error message.

Go to settings

General settings

Reset the device and tap on it.

If this doesn’t fix the concern, attempt the complying with it.

3- Restart the device forcefully

If the phone still shows the error message even after drying off feasible fluid areas, it may be because the device has a minor problem that can be fixed by rebooting.

Vigorously restarting the device will address this concern as it freshens the system. Comply with the following actions:

Set the device pleasantly in your hand, press the volume up button, and release it immediately.

Do the same for the quantity down button.

Press and hold power butting for a few secs until you see the Apple iPhone logo design.

This will undoubtedly restart your device and also connect your charger once again. If the error message appears, go to the next service.

Restart your iPhone

4- Utilize a various USB cable

The problem may lie with the cable if the error message still appears after connecting the battery charger. A faulty cable might not charge your device as called, and the error message will indeed often appear.

Obtain another charging cable; however, ensure it works with the iPhone device. You can check the leading apple iphone internet site to get a high-quality and original cord. Use it to charge your device and see if the error is resolved.

If a brand-new cable repairs the trouble, you must get an additional cable for charging purposes. Nevertheless, if it does not, go to the next service.

5- Factory Reset your apple iPhone

An awful apple iphone configuration will influence just how it typically functions. Therefore, your device may still reveal the alert, although it is scorched. You can resolve the problem by returning all the setups to default by factory resetting your device. You have safely backed up your data to avoid losing it.

Use the following procedure.

  • Most likely to the settings app.
  • Tap on the basic setups.
  • Scroll to the bottom and pick About phone
  • Tap on the factory reset
  • Enter your device password and validate that you wish to factory reset your device.
  • Factory reset to repair liquid accountable port
  • Afterwards, establish your device as well as bring back the backed-up data. Connect the battery charger, and the concern will likely be dealt with.
Final thoughts on Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector

After attempting all the above options, please do not bother with them anymore. See the nearby apple store for device checkups and fixing problems. The fluid discovered in the lightning connector might have entered the system, and you can’t reach it. Going on with your futile efforts may ruin the phone. Choosing a phone appointment will undoubtedly leave your device in expert hands, and they will certainly guarantee that your phone is risk-free.