Theneurosphere is a Leader Among Scientific Projects Supporting the Idea of ​​Creating an Ideal World

AI project management requires a different approach, drawing parallels between this kind of project and traditional project management such as mobile apps. This means that the differences between AI projects and traditional IT projects are numerous.

The traditional mobile app development process is a specific solution. When it becomes difficult to find a solution, the results become uncertain. This type of development refers to top-down programming.

By contrast, in AI projects they use a bottom-up approach: AI draws conclusions from its own algorithms and processing of large sets of data.

The AI ​​field also tends to open up several possibilities as the cycle develops. This means that in order for a project to be considered complete, it must go through several stages of research and testing. While this approach almost always results in high income, it often entails high costs and increased time of development. Also Read – 8 Tips to Boost Google Ads Performance

Stages of the projects

All AI projects and neural networks must go through a very rough path before they get released. This path consists of many stages: from the very idea of ​​the project to a competent and high-quality implementation. For the development of such projects, experts have created a special scale for assessing product readiness:

  • Pre-Alpha – initial development.
  • Alpha – internal development. The stage of the program testing by experts.
  • Beta – community development. The stage of active beta testing and checking of a program that has passed alpha testing (if any). Programs of this stage can be used by other software developers to test compatibility.
  • Release candidate – preliminary version. This stage leads to its readiness. The programs of this stage have undergone comprehensive testing, due to which all critical errors were corrected.
  • Release.

SYPWAI startup project has finished beta testing

The SYPWAI startup project developed by Theneurosphere has already passed beta testing. Since the beta product is not a final version and public testing is done at the user’s own risk, the manufacturer will not be held liable for any damage caused by using the beta version. Even so, SYPWAI already has thousands of users and their number is growing every day.

Benefits of beta testing:

  • Beta testing provides immediate feedback on the product; it helps to improve the quality of the product, thus making the product more high-quality before the final version is even released.
  • Beta testing helps to uncover software bugs that may have been overlooked or missed during any of the test cycles.
  • Beta testing helps to improve software quality.

SYPWAI project has entered a new stage – release candidate

The beta testing of the platform has ended, which means that the project has entered a new stage – release candidate. What does it mean? As we said earlier, the release candidate is a preliminary version. It is not a final release yet, which is why it is called a candidate. But it is a fully functional and solid working version of the program, available for a free download. Typically, a release candidate has a time limit or can operate under a license from a previous program version. Suggested – Most Popular Home Automation Services

SYPWAI project goal

The ultimate goal is to accelerate and industrialize AI in enterprises to improve the way we live and work.

The developer community can accelerate platform development, as AI is rapidly becoming a vital business tool in many industries.

It is impossible to predict the speed of development of the project, but one thing is sure – such projects as SYPWAI are our future.


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